“Chris Morgan provided excellent mental performance coaching for our 2016 Development Camp…[the] presentations helped the players understand the mind/energy connection to performance. The players learned how to be mindful in the moment and not let negative thoughts distract them from their tasks…[the] 1-1 coaching with players will help them develop and use tools for getting in the zone before their games and move past previous performance blocks. Chris…delivered a whole new way for our prospects to mentally and physically take their skills to new levels.  I enjoyed working with [him]…and I would definitely recommend…Chris to any team or player looking for cutting-edge mental performance coaching.”

David Oliver, Director of New Player Development, Colorado Avalanche

“I worked with Chris in preparation for a recent fight. I was looking to get in the zone so that everything would just flow when I was fighting. I’ve had those experiences before, so I wanted to make sure I had it for this fight. Working with Chris helped me create the right mindset for the fight and to avoid some mental mistakes. I won the fight and had fun the whole time! I would recommend Chris for any athlete looking to be at their best.”

Sergio Silva, Former Grappling World Champion, 4th degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

“Chris helped my son develop mental toughness skills to boost his confidence in hockey. He was able to schedule sessions before and after games during a highly competitive tournament. My son devoted his full attention to the methods and was able to apply them to his game, achieving his personal best. What was unique about this arrangement was that Chris coached him prior to each game and then reviewed his performance after each game. It was intense conditioning and worthwhile for my son; he feels he was empowered and received the tools he needed for the next level of competition. I highly recommend coaching from Chris, it is something we know will help our son not only in his sport but in life.”

~Hockey Mom – Laura

“I had been dealing with a few setbacks in my career and it had really been getting to me. Chris was able to help me let go of these past disappointments that were holding me back. It’s not everyday that someone is actually wiling to listen to what you have to say and help you come up with a new strategy that will get you back into your game. It helps more than you know! For my next fight, I showed up with a clear mind and stayed laser focused this time on being present and executing my game plan. AND I WON!”

Jonathan Vinyard, Professional MMA Fighter

“Mental Performance Coaching with Chris Morgan has really elevated my golf game. As a plus 2 golfer for years my talent level had been maxed out and I felt I had no room for improvement. Chris redirected not only my attitude but my confidence as well through simple techniques that really gets my game but, more importantly, my mind in the correct spot to perform at its peak level… I recently won a local golf tournament and have noticed a renewed love of the game which gets me out on the course more and more often! I highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to breakthrough on the golf course or whatever journey you are on.”

Paul H., business owner and avid golf player

“When Chris started working with my son, Phillip was struggling mentally. Chris’s mental approach allowed Phillip to enter his zone more relaxed and to chip away his times at each race and during practice using his tools for mental strategy. Phillip completed his regular season in the top of his group and has continued to progress very well in his collegiate career.”

Frank, Father of High School / Collegiate Hurdler

“I knew the mental game was going to be key for me to have the best season possible as a Senior and starting quarterback. I found Chris and really liked how he made the mental game easy to understand and helped me to become mentally strong. While he teaches mental skills, he went beyond that and helped to heal parts of my mind that were holding me back. Because of this coaching, I was able to lead my team the state semi-finals this year and I earned Ford Player of the Week. I recommend Chris to anyone.”

J. Johnson, High School Quarterback