Brain Power

Book Summary: Your Brain At Work

Your Brain at Work (Jack Rock)

To be at a peak state (the zone), your brain needs three conditions to be met:

  1. ​A sense of certainty
  2. A sense of status
  3. A sense of control

​When you have enough of all three conditions, your brain will shift into a state of optimal stimulation (not too much or too little challenge) and will emit alpha brain waves (a biological indicator of the zone state).

Yea, makes sense…we have all felt a sense of this before, usually when feeling status or control or certainty or all 3. So, how do I get one or all three of these conditions?

A few tricks include:

  1. Status: ​compete with yourself by growing your skill set so you can see yourself as superior to your former self
  2. Certainty: focus on having fun and enjoying what you are doing as a way to take the edge off anything too serious
  3. Control: set goals you have control over (usually around a process)

Good luck!