Book Summary: Motivation Manifesto (Brendon Bruchard)

We are often motivated by two different forces: fear and a desire for freedom. However, we all too often end up letting fear motivate us rather freedom, which ends up leaving us in a vicious cycle of “do, do, do” on someone else’s agenda and not our own.

To reclaim our freedom, we need to pay attention to the kinds of questions we ask ourselves on a regular basis. For instance, instead of asking “why does this always happen to me?”, ask “what can I focus on right now that I can improve?” Better questions give us better answers and thus a better path forward to more motivation.

One way Athletes can increase their motivation for achieving big goals is by examining the frequent questions they ask themselves. For instance, you may ask “why does this person always beat me?” A better question would be: “what can I learn from this person’s technique or strategy and put into my own game?”

​What gets you motivated?