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Book Summary: End Of Stress

The End of Stress (Don Joseph Goeway)

Athletes know that while sometimes stress can help them kick into high gear, it sometimes can get the best of you as well. Consistent peak performance requires mastering stress. And it is no surprise that to do this, you need to change your mindset. So, how do you do this? The author suggests you adopt new habits and exercises:


1. Foster non-judgment of self and others: if you mess up, adopt a perspective of non-critical observation to see what you can learn from your “mistake”
2. Change beliefs through power of suggestion: engage in self-talk that plants seeds in your mind that you can handle anything
3. Morning power ritual: spend 10 minutes every morning focusing on your breath and bringing to mind several things you are grateful for that day

These are just handful of tips for lowering stress. What stress reduction tips do you use?