4: Dr. Pete Goldman: Chiropractor and Martial Artist

Dr. Pete Goldman, renowned Chiropractor in the SF Bay Area, talks about his journey as a martial artist and chiropractor. Along the way he drops some bombs for lessons he learned as an athlete and how athletes benefit from chiropractic services. His clients include top NFL, NHL, and martial artists. Visit his website: https://sfgoldman.com or his training for healers: https://www.zonetechnique.com

Happy Face

Book Summary: Hardwiring For Happiness

Hardwiring for Happiness (Rick Hanson) ​ Human beings have a great capacity for incredible happiness or incredible misery. It all comes down to one thing: choice. What do you choose? The author for Hardwiring for Happiness” lays out a formula to wire your brain for happiness. Now as nature would have it, the brain has been wired for survival. In …


Book Summary: The Miracle Morning

The Miracle Morning (Hal Elrod) Starting your day on the right foot sets the tone for the rest of the day and it is no different for athletes as it is for a business person. One of the key ingredients to ensuring a long-term success is how you set up your morning ritual. Now if we snooze a lot and …


Book Summary: 10% Happier

Would you like to be happier and more productive and less stressed in your athletics career? The author of 10% Happiness lays out a formula for doing just that by practicing mindfulness. What’s in it for you? By practicing mindfulness, scientific studies from Harvard show that there’s a reduction in the parts of the brain that deal with stress, so …

Surfer On Blue Ocean Wave

Book Summary: The Rise Of Superman

The Rise of Superhuman (Steven Kotler) Flow is the state of optimal human performance. As athletes we know it all too well. Those experiences where things feel effortless and timeless and we perform at our best and we also feel our best. Flow is optimal performance because it allows us to tap into our creativity to perform acts of athleticism …

Woman meditating

Book Summary: End Of Stress

The End of Stress (Don Joseph Goeway) Athletes know that while sometimes stress can help them kick into high gear, it sometimes can get the best of you as well. Consistent peak performance requires mastering stress. And it is no surprise that to do this, you need to change your mindset. So, how do you do this? The author suggests …

Brain Power

Book Summary: Your Brain At Work

Your Brain at Work (Jack Rock) To be at a peak state (the zone), your brain needs three conditions to be met: ​A sense of certainty A sense of status A sense of control ​When you have enough of all three conditions, your brain will shift into a state of optimal stimulation (not too much or too little challenge) and …