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Book Summary: The Rise Of Superman

The Rise of Superhuman (Steven Kotler)

Flow is the state of optimal human performance. As athletes we know it all too well. Those experiences where things feel effortless and timeless and we perform at our best and we also feel our best. Flow is optimal performance because it allows us to tap into our creativity to perform acts of athleticism and solve challenges that our fight or flight response simply is ill-equipped to handle or wouldn’t handle as well. Moreover, we enjoy it more. We all get it, so how do you get into the flow state more often?

First of all, intrinsic motivation. This is doing your sport for the love it, not just for money or a championship. Secondly, clear immediate goals you can achieve in the moment. So, for instance, an endurance athlete may focus on just achieving the next mile or the next yard or measuring stick in their training. Thirdly, having the right mindset, beliefs, around what’s possible. If you hold limiting beliefs about the kind of skills you can acquire and what’s possible then that’s going to hold you back.

A simple way to get into flow for your next training or competition will be to focus on having fun, setting a clear, measurable goal that is within your reach, and believing that you can accomplish that goal. This formula may sounds too simple, but give it a try. You may find you get into flow a lot easier.